Pastor Obikwe Nwandu


As a christian, live a life worthy of emulation.

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Our Vision Our Core Values Mission Statement
Raising God an Army;


Vibrant and


I     Integrity

H   Holiness

E  Excellence

L   Loyalty

P   Purity

By the Effective Practice and Teaching of the Word of God, taking God's children into their Promised Land and dividing unto them their Inheritance.

                                        ABOUT THE MINISTRY
God’s Kingdom, Power & Glory Ministries is a television/outreach based ministry given to the vision carrier, Pastor Obikwe Nwandu in the year 2004.

Since its inception, GKP&GM has recorded astronomical growth in her outreaches and television programmes. GKP&GM is a teaching commission committed to raising an army in the Earth unto our Lord and Master Jesus Christ - people who wherever they are will represent Christ, do what needs to be done in every situation.

We are a commission that causes people to absorb the principles of the Kingdom so naturally & effortlessly that they manifest Christ to the dying world. ‘Thy Kingdom come on earth, as it is in Heaven.’ (Matthew 6:10).


Narrow is the way that leadeth to Heavens

Just as Heaven is real. Gen 1:1

...and broad is the way that leadeth into destruction

Hell is real also.

2Peter 2:4

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